This picture is one of my absolute favorites from this whole trip. I love the way they spelled my name at the Starbucks and that I always fail when I try to tell them how to spell it (seriously it’s happened way more times than it should have). I love that my roommate and friend decided to hide their faces behind the cup because it looks hilarious. I love that we’re sitting outside in the Plaza Mayor with a notebook given to us from the University of Salamanca. Today is the last day of our last weekend here, and it’s the last day we have to seriously study before finals. Today I wanted to sit in bed and keep watching funny cooking shows, but instead, I got up and met my friends in the Plaza Mayor to study. It was nice to be out for just a few hours, and we finally tried the frozen yogurt place we’ve been wanting to try for weeks, or months, who knows at this point. But when I look at this picture, I just feel happiness.

Three months ago today the three of us were at a fair in Salamanca. I bought a bracelet for one euro that hangs on my wrist every day. There’s no real meaning or significance behind it except the memory. Lots of days I forget it’s there. But I’m glad I have it.

If I had to weigh out the good and the bad and all those in between things, I’d say today was pretty good. I got to sleep in and surprisingly just didn’t need caffeine. I got up and immediately started studying, and realistically I got a lot done. But I don’t know, my expectations for these tests are pretty up in the air. I think it’s just a lot of information for my brain to remember all at once, motivation is pretty low, and I’m just going to give it my best shot. I went for a run again today, and it started to feel really good, but my feet started to hurt again so I stopped. I think it’s possibly the hard pavement/cobblestones mixed with the fact that I haven’t run in a while, but hopefully I’ll be able to get back into it soon because I love the way running makes me feel.

After that, my roommate and I were waiting around in our apartment until nearly 4pm without having lunch and our host mom was no where to be found. She came running in at about 3:50 apologizing a lot because I think her daughter’s apartment had a flood upstairs. It was no biggie though, and we had a great lunch of garbanzo soup and different kinds of meat. I love garbanzo soup, and I usually add something that reminds me of roast. It’s delicious. Also, at lunch I realized how incredibly passionate and loving my host mom is. I always knew she did her best to love us, but hearing her talk and the things she’s passionate about, I see how much she really just cares for people in general and I understand how this is her job. It’s perfect for her, and she’s got a very special place in my heart.

After lunch is when I went to the plaza and studied, and then I came back to keep relaxing and watching the cooking show, “Nailed It.” When I first tried to watch it I thought it was stupid, but for whatever reason that changed and I think it’s hilarious. My reasons for liking it are very similar to my reasons for liking “The Great British Baking Show,” it’s lighthearted, fun, not overly dramatic, and the cooking is where the actual drama comes from. It’s also just a really great relief from the stress of finals!

My roommate and I just had a delicious dinner with sauteed veggies and chicken and lots of other things, because here, every meal is a feast. And now, I’m going to keep up the happy vibes for the rest of the night and only study if I want to because I don’t think stressing a ton is worth it. Until tomorrow!

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