Today I woke up from bad dreams, feeling like it was not going to be a very good day. I immediately started with studying because sometimes I really like waking up and working in the morning. I studied literature for a while until I decided to do some yoga with my sore and confused body. Then I showered, got ready, and right after that it was time to leave for lunch; my host mom took her granddaughter (or some relation), my roommate, and I out to a restaurant she likes a lot.

She seemed to almost be lost trying to find it which gave me comfort since I’ve been here for three and half months and still don’t really know my way around sometimes. She found it though, and when we got inside I experienced a most uncomfortable moment trying to choose what to order. There were two different menu possibilities, and on top of that, the only two things I knew were salad and lasagna. In most meals here, from what I’ve experienced, you pick a first dish, a second dish, and then a dessert. I picked lasagna for the first and then didn’t know what to do for the second, so I ended up with something that was kind of like wings except instead of chicken, they were made out of pork (not ribs though). But what made this whole thing uncomfortable was that the waiter decided to explain the entire menu in English to me while my host mom and her family member just sat there in silence, and it felt like it went on forever. I felt terrible for speaking in English in front of them, and that I was so confused and taking so long to pick something to eat. Although I’m sure they were all fine with it, it felt horrific for me and I was glad when it was over. The lasagna and the dessert were great, but I didn’t really like the second dish. We finished lunch and went back home for siesta.

After siesta, I needed to study more. I tried. And then I decided to watch an episode of a show while my coffee set in. And then I watched another. And then I started a new cooking show that’s funny and lighthearted and is centered on the holidays. I feel much better now than I did earlier today, but the truth is that I have not studied anymore, and frankly I don’t really plan to tonight. I got a good amount done earlier today, so I’ll just try again tomorrow and enjoy myself tonight. I’m not sorry about it.

Since I didn’t do that much today and to add some more cheer to this post, here are some of the lights around Salamanca! I realized I missed some, including my favorites, but I love that the city is festive, and it’s even better when you walk by street vendors openly roasting chestnuts with a warm fire that smells like home.img_4922img_4825img_4918img_4819img_4828img_4919img_4843-1img_4820

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