Hi! Welcome back to Hay Set Free – a blog for whatever my heart feels and wherever life takes me. I started this page as a creative travel project in 2018 (which you can still find in the travel section), and then decided to expand as my life was expanding post-college. Now, I’m a high school English teacher, a traveler, a cat and plant owner, and a seeker of deeper human connection and wellness. If that sounds like something you’re interested in checking out, welcome. I’m so glad you’re here.

Recent Posts:

Learning to Love Yourself

Today, I’m feeling honored and grateful for this space to write out what’s in my head, and even more so for all of you beautiful souls who read it. Yesterday I received a request to talk about how to cope with losing someone you love in the context of a breakup and how to love…

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July Forecast: Sun and Self Care

Today I’m starting with the disclaimer – if you don’t like tarot cards or they put you off for whatever reason, I suggest you skip this post. I am not an expert, and I love to use tarot as a tool to help me discern the sea of thoughts, emotions, worries, dreams, etc. swirling around…

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Hello Again

It’s a little bit surreal to be back writing on this page again… I know it’s been a while. Honestly, I thought I would give up altogether since it had been so long since I’d written, but here we are! My plan for this first post in ages is first to update you on where…

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