Okay, so I think my struggle with independence is with the line between being comfortable by myself because I know how to make myself happy or choosing to hang out with other people. It’s kind of a gamble to hang out with other people when you know you could have a good time by yourself, and that might sound weird or antisocial but it’s something I deal with on a pretty regular basis. I think a lot of people feel dependent on others to have a good time, but I tend to have the opposite problem and avoid social interaction, which isn’t always a very good thing. Sometimes I do not want to spend time with other people, but usually when I do I’m glad. Today was one of those days.

Today was my second day working with the same teacher at the English school. There were only two students in the class so we got to have a lot of fun conversations about different customs in our countries, and then after class I walked around with the teacher (she’s about my age and from Spain) and talked for a long time about politics, our countries, and random things. She’s extremely nice and told me to text her if I ever need anything or have questions about Spain. I think she’s someone I should try to hang out with more.

After walking with her, I went to the Plaza to meet up with my roommate and her friend that’s visiting from the states. My roommate is already great, and her friend was SO nice and funny. I loved getting to know them more and spending some time just hanging out in the city! Today’s picture is from our first round of tapas for dinner. I’m so excited to do more things with them this week, and it’s nice to have people that I actually want to spend time with.

Also, I *think* I got some good news today that will mean my money worries during this trip are over! It’s been manageable, but I’ve definitely been stressed about money for a while now, so finding out about this thing is a huge relief. I booked a flight for my last trip today which will be to Annecy, France at the end of this month. I’ve been wanting to go somewhere beautiful with lots of good nature sights, and with this one I can have mountains and a lake and just relax for a weekend.

I’m not sure what else to say for today. My goal was just to talk about my feelings and things I’m honestly going through. I also just need to work more at being present all the time. Even so, I am falling more and more in love with this city every day (the cool weather is definitely helping). Now sleep. Until tomorrow!

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