1. Was today a good or a bad day? Why? Today was a great day, but I don’t have too much to report. I had class for six hours and in the first class we did a really fun Halloween activity, I came home just in time for lunch, then did homework, had a long yoga session, read, worked with my host mom’s granddaughter on English, and then came home to rest.
  2. What was something new I tried? I played a new game with my host mom’s granddaughter to help her with English, and it went really well. My roommate gave me a dark chocolate bar infused with espresso; it’s not going to last long. And I started reading a new book called, The Choice, which is the one I bought in Germany at the concentration camp. So far, it’s incredibly inspiring and beautiful, and I can’t wait to read more.
  3. The high: There were so many good things today, it’s hard to pick! I felt so good and peaceful after yoga today, and it’s a good way for me to work out for free without running in the cold. Teaching the granddaughter was really fun. I’m learning good activities but I also have the freedom to let her learn English in ways that are creative and fun for her, so that’s really cool too. I had an interesting conversation with my host mom about Spanish politics and history tonight; I remember when I couldn’t understand a single thing she said. And this book. Oh. My. Goodness. If you’re looking for a good read, check it out. I’m not even past the introduction but I can guarantee it’s going to be amazing. It’s by a Holocaust survivor named Edith Eger and she tells her story while also relating it to how readers can embody the incredibly inspiring lessons she’s learned in their own lives.
  4. The low: The low of today was either our host dog pooping in our room or my classes. Classes aren’t bad, especially not today, but on Tuesdays I have six hours of them back to back and by the end of it I’m just so tired.
  5. Quote/word of the day: I learned a lot of Halloween themed words and contributed to a terrible story called “El Fantasma de Amor,” but I’m going to say the word of the day is “rugosa” which means rough or wrinkled. I learned it in a poem by Miguel de Unamuno, an important figure in Spanish literature. In his period of writing, the group he was associated with often referred to the land of Castilla as a symbol. In the first stanza of this poem, he writes, “Tú me levantas, tierra de Castilla / en la rugosa palma de tu mano, / al cielo que enciende y te refresca, / al cielo, tu amo.”

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