Monday night was a full moon, and as promised, I’m coming full circle to look at the intention I set and any other thoughts and feelings surrounding this cycle. My intention at the new moon was to bring more love into my life. If I’m being honest, this wasn’t on my mind as much as I anticipated, but it ended up being a partial theme of this season anyway. I worked on loving myself more, bringing love in through new ideas and ideologies, and being open to loving other people a little bit more. But, this isn’t really what I want to focus on for this cycle.

Rather than coming up with my own theme, I’m simply trying to be more aware. I’m trying to notice the energy and the messages around me and see what the Universe might be trying to teach me (because I’m trying to learn). On Monday night, I went to a full moon talk and they said a lot of things I didn’t understand, but they also suggested using the mantra, “I am able to heal.” I realized that these are the words I was trying to form in my head, but just wasn’t thinking of for whatever reason. But it makes total sense, and hearing this was like, “yes! That’s it!” I’ve been reading the book, “The Untethered Soul,” by Michael Singer, and it’s basically all about how to heal your mind, thoughts, and behavior so that you can reach your fullest potential. I’ve been reading it for a while and trying to grasp some of the intense concepts presented, but ultimately, I’ve just been trying to heal.

It’s crazy how sometimes, when you’re connecting to a certain message, it seems to pop up everywhere around you. Even my horoscopes have been suggesting that right now is a time for healing. Whether or not you believe in horoscopes, it’s always interesting to me when stuff like this happens. You could call it coincidence, or you could just go with it because who doesn’t need to heal something in their life?

I definitely feel a connection to this message right now, because I’m on a very intentional path of living a better, fuller life. I’m aware that there are things deep inside of myself that can and need to be healed for me to feel more fulfilled, joyful, and powerful in my own being. I’m on a path to figuring out what it really means to be me and to live, and I think healing might be a crucial step. I don’t understand everything I’m learning right now, but I’m trusting that I’m in the right direction and it’s all leading me somewhere if I just follow the little steps.

I’d also like to share the idea that nothing that is meant for us will pass us by. This means we don’t have to hold on so tightly to our ideas of things. We are free to just live and trust that whatever is happening in our lives, in our worlds, is what is meant for us. Our job is to simply enjoy the ride and enjoy whatever is right in front of us at any given moment and trust that it is meant for us. We are all on a path to growing, to living, to expanding and evolving, and the Universe is leading us along those paths (even if it might not look like it). We should not shy away from the opportunities placed in front of us be they difficult, painful, new, or exciting. There is knowledge and experience to be gained in all of them, and I guarantee you there are beautiful lessons at the heart of each one. If it is difficult, it can bring growth. If it is painful, it can bring healing. If it is new, it can bring wisdom. If it is exciting, it can bring joy. Allow yourself to experience the fullness of life, and trust that the only things not worth hanging on to are our own insecurities, our own fears, our own old pains. Don’t be hard on yourself for having these things, but let them come up and release them. Clear your inner energy, heal yourself, and shine radiantly and joyfully, like the light of the full moon.

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