In terms of travel days today’s been full of favorites.

For starters, I went to class and got to watch a pretty cool movie of one of the plays we’ve been studying. Then I packed up with a ton of food from my host mom that included amazing sandwiches with chicken and cooked peppers and onions. Yuuuummmmmm.

Then I left for the bus station to get to the airport. First, one of my all time favorite artists came out with a new album today so I’ve gotten to play that a million times traveling. Second, my bus was at 2pm so I got to drive through Spain during the day which is my favorite because I love seeing the mountains!

My flight was only at 7:10pm, but it was also a favorite travel because with daylight savings it’s dark already, and flying out of Madrid in darkness is beautiful. I’m always a fan of interesting, beautiful light. City light from a dark plane is one of the best.

I discovered my favorite seat on a Ryanair plane, first row aisle seat, or really any in that row. Tons of leg space. Right at the front so no wait to get off. Wall in front of me so still some privacy. Also right by the front bathroom. Literally perfect. And despite everything I’ve heard about Ryanair, I had a really good experience. Half of that is thanks to my friends who’ve flown with them before and gave me tips. You guys are the best.

Now I’m in my favorite country!!! I don’t know that I can actually say that with conviction but I definitely love it with my whole heart. It makes me happy just to know I’m in Germany. Even though I can’t see anything outside the dark bus, I know it’s beautiful.

I’ve been so tired all day, but luckily travel has been smooth sailing so far. I still have one more challenge of getting from the central station to my Airbnb, but everything else has gone really well today, which is nice when you’re too tired to think very clearly. It’s just been me, this new album, and downloaded Brooklyn Nine Nine to pass the time. Soon I’ll be in Heidelberg and hopefully sleeping soundly in my Airbnb. Normally I would wait and post when I get there but I think I’m going to post while I still have WiFi on this bus. Check in tomorrow for a day exploring Heidelberg!

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