Today literally feels like one big whirlwind of chaos that didn’t end. That’s extremely dramatic, but maybe it’ll give you an idea of where my head is right now (I got like one hour less of sleep last night and didn’t have a siesta, wow).

Anyway, classes were terrible today because all of my professors realized it was our last class before the final exam and went into panic mode, just now telling us everything we have to study. And as Tuesdays have always been the most difficult day of the week for me here, finals week is no exception. I’ve got all my finals right in a row on one day. So I was overwhelmed with lots of material I have to seriously study this week, and on top of that, my professors usually don’t seem to think that they can end class when they’re done with content; they always try to go until the end of the two hours, and today it just really got to me. That’s a big cultural difference that I am not reacting well to at the moment. But whatever, I got through the classes and then went immediately to setting the table for lunch, eating with the family, and then going to support a friend while she was getting a new piercing. From there, we went to the AIFS office to pick up paperwork we need to fill out and get our transcripts from the first two weeks of classes. Then I went straight from there to teaching my host mom’s granddaughter which went especially well today. We divided the class in half and drew Christmas things for one of her classes and she wrote down a bunch of new words I taught her about the holiday. Then we spent the second half of class studying her extremely in-depth body systems notes until our hour was up and she gave me some cookies and a hug.

Realistically, I’m not actually upset about any of this except the classes that annoyed me. Everything else was fun and really good, I just feel extra wiped out today for some reason. But I’m feeling happy and excited to get a good night’s rest so my brain will let me get some work done tomorrow. Until then!

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