Today has been so busy I haven’t even managed to finish Anna Karenina, and I’m less than twenty pages away. It’s one of those days that feels like it goes on without end, but I have loved every part of it.

I woke up thirty minutes early to give myself a more peaceful, aware morning before class and try to start my day off well. Class was great, and I only had one so after that was over I went to two of the supermarkets to pick up a couple things (including snacks—win!). Instead of resting, because I was already exhausted, I worked on reading and answering questions over a poem for my Spanish class. It took me about an hour to read the poem and define all of the words I didn’t know, but it was surprisingly easy and fun! (I am definitely in the right major.) The poem was a very famous one about a princess feeling trapped in her life of royalty and wanting to be free. The assignments we had for before and after the reading reminded me of what English classes were like before college, but they helped a lot and it was cool to feel that way with another language.


The big thing I was supposed to do today was go to the Hello School (the green door in the first picture) for teaching English and help out at a boarding school for kids. However, I arrived later than I was supposed to because I didn’t write down the time, so I was placed in a class with middle-high school aged students. The class size was very small and we had more teachers than necessary, but I loved the experience! I’m excited to work with students and to learn how to teach English as a second language. I just can’t imagine an opportunity more perfect for me here in Salamanca!

I have a lot to say that I’m noticing and loving about this city, but I think I’m a bit too tired and low on time tonight to get into it, so I’ll aim for it tomorrow. Now, it’s time to watch a new series with my host mom and roommate. Until then!

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