Today I’m starting with the disclaimer – if you don’t like tarot cards or they put you off for whatever reason, I suggest you skip this post. I am not an expert, and I love to use tarot as a tool to help me discern the sea of thoughts, emotions, worries, dreams, etc. swirling around my mind. I personally believe humans have powerful intuition and it’s something we can practice and strengthen if we allow ourselves to slow down and listen. Tarot simply helps bring clarity and perspective to the things that are already hanging out in my brain. If that sounds like your jam, I’d love to share this July tarot spread I did. The spread is from @thewitchoftheforest on Instagram, my deck is the Considerate Cat deck, and I’m mostly using the book, “Tarot for Self Care,” by Minerva Siegel to interpret the cards. Again, I’m merely saying what these cards mean to me. If it hits for some of you too, all the better.

The first card in the spread is, “what is the theme for the month ahead?” For this, I pulled the Sun card. This one stood out to me literally and metaphorically. I typically spend summers hidden away trying not to sweat or get sunburned. However, this summer I’ve been embracing all that every season has had to offer, and it’s been a really beautiful experience! Just yesterday (coincidentally the first day of July) I took two long walks letting the sun’s rays pour over me. I stopped at every vibrant flower and watched the sun through tree’s leaves. I want to continue enjoying this season, even through the Texas heat. Metaphorically, this card symbolizes good times and even a period of hardship coming to an end. I feel this on such a deep level and have actually been thinking in the last week how it feels like some things are starting to get better. I’ll happily accept this as the theme of this month.

The next question is “what should I release from the last month?” When I went to pull a card for this, it literally and instantly jumped out of the deck. It was the Nine of Swords. In a nutshell, this card represents extreme worry and anxiety – something I indeed felt a lot of during June. I’ve had a thousand questions about the path for my life and frustrations toward myself. This card felt like it was saying to leave that behind this month. It will be worked out, and stressing about it all is not going to do me any good.

“What should I pursue from last month?” I pulled the Five of Swords for this one, which is not the most positive card. However, one interpretation of this card that speaks to me with where I am in life right now suggests that it’s time for self reflection and can also be a sign to stand up for oneself and fight back. My focus in therapy and self improvement lately has been in validating my voice, my desires, my feelings, and then being open about them. I have a long history of people pleasing, perfectionism, and sabotaging my true self, and I have been trying so hard to break those habits. I am worthy. I am loved, wholly and fully, for exactly who I am. This card, to me, seems to be saying not to give up that fight even when other people may make it extremely difficult.

“What challenges will I face?” For this one, I pulled a reverse Father of Pentacles (the deck I’m using says Father instead of King because they’re cats. Isn’t that cuuuute?). Not going to lie, this one got me. This card reversed can represent someone who overspends and isn’t managing finances well. It’s essentially a reminder that I need a little more self-restraint and a little less “treat yo’self.” This has already been my struggle all summer, and I’ll admit, it makes me feel ashamed. Frankly, I just haven’t been using my budget and I need to get back to it. Thanks for the reminder, tarot.

“What opportunities will this month bring?” I pulled the Father of Swords for this one which represents someone with a strong moral and ethical code. He’s smart and straightforward, and if I’m being honest, I think this one reminds me a lot of a man I admire greatly that I’ll have a few opportunities to see this month. I’m not too sure on this one, and that’s also okay.

“How can I make sure I take care of myself properly?” This is another one that popped out almost immediately – the Mother of Pentacles. My book says the Queen of Pentacles is “a nurturing, loving figure who provides stability.” To me, this card is asking me to mother myself and nurture the ways in which I can create a stable and safe environment for myself. Right now, that includes continuing my yoga and meditation in the mornings, consistently cleaning my space, and generally caring for all of my physical and emotional needs.

And finally, “what will further my own growth and healing?” I got the Seven of Pentacles reversed for this one. Reversed, this card suggests rethinking plans for a project or venture that doesn’t seem to be heading in a good direction. It warns against wasting energy on ideas that aren’t seeming like they’ll work out, and instead rethinking, reflecting, and making whatever changes are needed. I’ve got a few ideas on what this means for me, but I won’t be sharing them here at this time.

I know this was kind of a long spread, but if you read it I appreciate it and I hope that maybe someone else is able to get something out of it too. My intentions for this month are to keep up my daily self care practices, to utilize my loving mantras, and hold myself accountable for doing the things that need to get done. Whatever this month means for you, I’m wishing us all a sun-filled, loving July.

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