At the yoga studio that I went to last night, they held an event called a “moon talk” where people come together and either set intentions for the month (at new moons) or reflect on those intentions (at full moons). I ended up leaving before the event having not planned on going, but as soon as I was driving away, I regretted not staying. It was a new moon last night, so that means they would’ve been setting intentions for the month. I decided that I would come up with some of my own anyway and then reflect on them at the next full moon. I think this is a really nice practice because it opens your mind to the way you want to live, and I like that it corresponds with the moon because our universe is full of phases and cycles that we can learn something from. Anyway, this is what I came up with for this month:

Bring more love into my life.

This is the goal, the thought to focus on this month, and at the end I’ll reflect on it and on how and what I did to accomplish it.

This intention is part mindset. When I go about my day and interact with people and the world, this thought is in the back of my mind, guiding and influencing how I act and speak. It means that I am sending out good vibrations to the universe saying “this is what I want” and attracting that into my life.

This intention requires loving thoughts. If I want to attract more love into my life, I need to be more loving internally. This means staying positive, not letting things bother me, being forgiving, and thinking kind thoughts (to myself and others).

This intention is part action. The best way to create more love around me is to give it to others. I can also bring more love into my life by spending time with the people I love, by doing the things I love, and bringing more of what I love into my life (and discovering more of what that is!). It means doing things that are good for me, taking care of myself, and making sure that I am creating the life I love.

Last night, the yoga instructor said that our body is the greatest gift we’ve ever been given because we only get one of them. That is why we must honor it, take care of it, and treat it with lots of love and care. This is true of our lives too. We only get one. We must nourish it, care for it, and make it freaking awesome because it’s the only one we’ve got.

Do you love the life you live? If no or not really, what do you need to do to get there? What is your intention for this new moon cycle or month or week or year? What do you want to see when you look at your life?

Cheers, friends, to loving the life you live.

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