I’m in a rare time of stillness and being alone which has lead me toward a path of self-discovery (after about a two week Netflix binge). In the past few weeks or so, I’ve managed to create a snowball effect of realization and self-improvement, and it’s awesome. I’m feeling happier, more myself, and more excited about life than I have in a long time. Just to be clear, I’m not writing this to sound braggy. In fact, I’m sure some people would make fun of me for some of the things I’m talking about in this post, but I don’t care. If I can help anyone else feel more this way, then I’m happy to share my dorky secrets. However, I’m aware that this isn’t a true blueprint. I don’t think everyone needs to do these things to be happier; this is just what I did, and maybe it can inspire some of you. Ultimately, I think the secret to being happier is living in a way that is true to yourself and to where you’re constantly learning about and discovering what that means. For me, it means doing some of this:

  1. Nourishing my soul. It might sound cheesy, but it actually feels great. What I mean by this is that I am intentionally trying to fill mind and heart with positive ideas and inspiration. For example, one thing I’m doing is reading the book, “You are a Badass,” (which I totally recommend). This book talks about truly loving yourself, tapping into your spirituality and power, and creating the life you’ve always deeply wanted through positivity and manifestation. It’s also encouraged me to look inward (since you have to know yourself to know WHAT kind of life you’re trying to achieve) and learn a lot about myself. I think what you feed to your brain really matters, so by reading encouraging things, watching positive Youtubers and other social media influencers, and doing other things along these lines like podcasts, books, apps, etc. I’m feeling more inspired and constantly reminded to chase after the life I want instead of settling for the one that is easiest.img_6030
  2. I’m Marie Kondo-ing my belongings. This has been huge and was honestly a catalyst for some of the other changes I’ve been making. I’m of the belief that our surroundings influence us more than we might realize, and I’ve been finding that cleaning out my items, thanking and letting go of the things I no longer use, and selecting only the things that bring happiness and meaning to my life has a direct crossover to my mindset. When there is less clutter in my life and I’m surrounded by things that bring me joy, I’m more appreciative of the things around me, and I feel free to fill my life with other things that do the same–except in the form of experiences and life choices rather than physical stuff. Having everything simpler makes me feel like I have room to do whatever I want in my space and my life, and the process feels healing.img_5933
  3. I’m going vegan! I was nervous to announce this at first in case I changed my mind or couldn’t handle it, but I’ve realized that it’s definitely something I want to do and something I feel good about. For me, it’s a personal choice based on ethics, long-term world sustainability, and my feelings and relationship toward other living creatures. If you want to know more about why I made this decision, let me know and I’d be happy to go into details another time. Essentially though, I figured out that this lifestyle is true to my deep, personal beliefs, and so I think I should follow it and feel proud of how I’m living my life. Plus, lame as it sounds, I feel so happy when I grocery shop for these things.img_6031
  4. I got a nose ring. Okay, I know this one sounds a little silly, but it’s on this list because it’s a product of listening to myself and just going for something that I wanted. It required being honest with myself, having a positive body image, not caring about what other people think, and being brave/practicing a strong mindset. It’s a reminder that the life we want is out there waiting, and all we have to do is go and get it. Plus, I love it! And since I love it, it makes me happy.Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
  5. THIS BLOG. Writing a blog like this one has been a dream for so long. I’m so happy to be pursuing exactly what I want to do, even if I don’t always know what I’m doing or what will come of it. This also brings me a sense of pride because instead of being scared and overthinking it twenty million times like I normally do, I’m just listening to my gut and going for it. Which was made possible by nourishing my soul and intentionally listening to my inner self, and thus we’ve come full circle.

I truly believe that all of these things are related, and that by doing one, it spirals and inspires more good things to come into life. Doing good things, being thankful for them, and receiving more good out of it is a cycle that just gets better the longer you try it. Again, I think the main takeaway is that if you want to feel proud and confident in the life you’re choosing, then you should be mindful of the habits and decisions in your life, discern what it is you want to be doing deep down in your heart of hearts, and then do what you can to live that truth.

If any of the things I wrote here jumped out at you or made you think of something you could be doing to love your life a little more, go after it. Don’t second guess yourself or talk yourself out of it. I did all of these things in a matter of about three days (not to be mistaken as thoughtless), and I’m so glad I just made it happen. Follow what your inner voice is saying and watch where it leads you.

If you want to talk any more about any of these things, let me know in the comments or tell me what things you’d like to read about in future posts!

Cheers to happy hearts and inspired souls. ♥

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