As the title suggests, today was entirely devoted to goodbyes, or what I hope are “hasta luegos.” I had my last class where we did a scavenger hunt in groups around the city. There was a gray, misty haze over Salamanca all day, but I kind of liked the way it made everything look sleepy and calm in the morning. img_5068My group took a leisurely pace and finished last, but had fun talking about how Canada seems to fit its stereotypes (one member was Canadian) and took a final stop at Starbucks before going back to class. I got one of my test grades back from yesterday and did much better than I thought with an A-, and then I went back home to relax until lunch and Hello School.

At lunch, we ate with my host mom, her daughter, and her daughter, the one I taught all semester. I finally got a picture with her because I knew that would be something I would genuinely regret not having. Plus, I don’t know if I’m going to see her again before I leave. Isn’t she the cutest thing ever?img_5069 After lunch, I went to Hello School for the last time. The teacher I’ve been working with and our small class were all sad that I was leaving, but especially the teacher. She said some really sweet things to me and offered to let me stay with her family if I ever come back, and of course I offered the same to her if she ever comes to Texas. We stood outside talking in the cold until her bus came, and as soon as she saw it she threw her arms around me and said goodbye all the way to the bus. She’s such a sweet person. I have been so lucky to work with her this semester and with her wild students, and I’m glad I also have a friend in her.img_5091img_5084When I left the bus stop, I walked home tearing up. I’m not distraught to be leaving, but it is sad. This has been a home for three and a half months, which isn’t much, but it is something and it matters. It’s sad that I probably won’t be able to come back here for a really long time, if ever. And most importantly, I realized that there is a significant chunk of my heart now that is filled with Spain and all the people that I have grown to love here. Even my professor made me sad today by saying some really sweet things before I left her class. I don’t feel bad about feeling this way, and I don’t not want to leave either. It’s just not easy to leave something that has been so good to you, and Salamanca and this experience have been truly good to me.

A little while after Hello School, I left with my roommate and friend to go to our program’s farewell dinner. It was held in a really cool location and they fed us a ton of great food: salad, fancy rice (obviously can’t remember the name right now), calamari which I actually felt bad about because not many of us wanted it and the waiter seemed a little upset about that, and then our main dishes (I got veggies and a fried egg), and a warm brownie for dessert. img_5097img_5101img_5100At the end of the day, I’m glad I got to have these goodbyes and that I got to meet so many beautiful people here. There are still some missing in these photos, like my host mom and two other friends from my culture class, but I want to take those photos tomorrow before I leave. Now, I’m going to enjoy one more night of actual rest before the big flight home. Hasta mañana.

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