I DID IT!!!!! I finished all of my exams today!!!! They were incredibly hard, and I actually spent all of that time studying for almost nothing which did make me upset earlier but now, I’m more over it. I’m just glad it’s done!! And after that, I had a pretty good day.

After my last exam, I went out with a friend to celebrate with cupcakes, but the cupcake place was closed. So, I showed her and another of her friends one of the cafes I’ve posted about before. We tried some granola/fruit/yogurt bowls and they were delicious, although I didn’t really want lunch after.img_4941But, I did eat lunch and then after that I showed my roommate and friend to “el barrio del oeste” again so they could get some final awesome pictures of our city, and I found some spots I wanted pictures in too. Birds are my favorite, if it’s not obvious already, because as a metaphor they pretty much represent everything about my life. And they’re just cool sometimes, so I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity.img_4983We walked around for a while, admired the knitted trees and a knitted bike?? and then went back home to rest and relax. I did some more packing and got a huge pile of paper to recycle in the near future. The days are almost up, and while my brain is all over the place trying to think and prepare for exams and leaving and more change, I’m doing my best to find these little moments to soak in.

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