Today I realized that Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. My family usually takes a road trip to my grandparents’ house in the country and stays there for the week relaxing, eating delicious food, and going into one of my favorite towns in the world. It’s such a peaceful time of love and relaxation.

This year is my first year to miss it, though there’s no doubt it’s for a good reason. Still, I realized I was sad this morning and just let myself be so because I knew it would change, and it did. I cried about three different times thinking or talking about my family, twice while talking to them, but we had a dinner with the AIFS program tonight that cheered me up.

It was a formal dinner and we were told to dress up, so for part of my evening I was distracted with getting ready and trying to throw together something formal with the not very nice clothes I brought with me. My roommate and I got make-shift fancy and went to the program dinner where we sat with a really sweet group of girls and laughed a lot. It was perfect for today. The food was alright, but the company was great and really helped me not be sad. We had a yummy (pumpkin?) soup with bits of bacon, veggies and turkey with stuffing and gravy, and a pumpkin pie for dessert. Also, for the first time in this country, unlimited water and bread somewhere other than my host mom’s table.img_4446img_4434img_4442img_4456img_4457 And then I got to FaceTime my family all together and hear a giant chorus of Pugh’s saying they love me which made me so happy. I think just about everyone from the program went out after dinner. I almost did because one of the bars is live-streaming the Dallas Cowboys game and even though I don’t really care about it, it would’ve been a good taste of home since we never go a Thanksgiving without watching it. But I chose instead to change into the new super soft University of Salamanca sweatshirt I got and take care of some things (like Christmas lists and souvenir ideas).

So, generally, not the worst day. I’m starting to love some of the people here more than I thought I could, and I don’t want to talk about the fact that I’m separating from them three weeks from tomorrow. But I gotta say, I am definitely looking forward to spending time with my family oh so soon. Until tomorrow.

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