Somehow I wake up feeling like there is so much to do in the day and then it all gets done. It’s amazing.

Honestly, today was pretty boring in terms of blogging so I’ll keep it short. In one of my classes we did a mock trial in Spanish. I got to be a judge, which was pretty fun. Then I had to take care of lots of little things like student teaching forms (I think I know what district I’m going to be in next semester but it’s not official yet!), picking up a letter from my grandma that made me very happy, a bit of yoga, and more studying. I’m really ready for midterms to be over. I treated myself to a Starbucks to keep the productivity going, because coffee can actually be a pick-me-up now instead of a necessity.

I volunteered at the English school which is always a pleasure, although we didn’t do much today. Then I spent the evening bonding with my roommate over our show and comedians to combat the stress of midterms. It was an important day, just not much to report on. I’m happy to hear about the elections yesterday with how many women and minorities were elected! It makes me excited to come home. And I got to talk to a friend today which also makes me happy.

I did get another post published on the official AIFS blog. Check it out here if you’d like: AIFS Blog Post

That’s about all for today! Sorry it’s not much. I’m a little distracted right now so it’s hard to think of what to talk about. I’ll try again tomorrow. Also remember, if you ever have any questions or would like to hear about something specific, feel free to leave a comment or a message in the contact section! Until tomorrow!img_3625

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