We survived another night in the airport! This time was actually much better because my roommate and I found benches to sleep on and I was able to knock out for a couple hours on and off. The flight to Geneva, Switzerland was short, only an hour and a half and I slept pretty much the whole time. I was a little worried because we planned to spend the day in Geneva with all our stuff before going to France, but it ended up being an awesome day trip. We had zero ways of navigating where we were because neither of us had data for our phones to work, we had no map, and we couldn’t get working WiFi anywhere. Luckily my roommate had done some research on the city and we were able to use bus maps to figure out what stations brought us closer to some of the city’s main areas. We went first toward the giant fountain (literally massive, my roommate saw it from the plane) and were mesmerized by some of the clearest water I’ve ever seen and a backdrop of the mountains. Even from the plane I noticed that the water was extremely blue and I could see to the bottom of it. We admired the view until hunger pulled us away in search of cheap food, but that’s a serious challenge because nothing here is cheap. We ended up going to a Thai restaurant that finally had good WiFi so we could get our bearings and some really good chicken, rice, and veggies. After food, we stopped for fall flavored lattes and a bathroom break and decided to walk to old town. Again we admired the incredible water as well as the historical buildings. Rightfully, we stopped to buy lots of Swiss chocolate. We took our time to explore spots that we thought looked interesting and sat down to sip our coffees with a view overlooking old town.We also really wanted to visit the United Nations and see the broken chair, so we found our way back across town. This was a really cool spot to see.After the U.N., we needed to find a place to charge our phones because a night in the airport meant not leaving them out to charge. We could’ve managed without them, but all of the information and tickets for our bus to Annecy were on the phones so we needed them to be working. Luckily, my roommate stumbled upon a cool, cozy cafe with a really nice employee so we hung out there while we figured out what we needed to do. I had a green tea and some of the dark chocolate I bought earlier, and they were both perfect. It was so nice to relax and talk and enjoy ourselves. Separately, my roommate and I both described our feelings over the day as “content.”With our phones charged and plans acquired, we left the cafe and walked toward the bus station with our eyes out for a good spot for dinner. We found a pizza/pasta restaurant and decided to eat there and oh. my. goodness. It was delicious. She got a spicy pasta and I got a Hawaiian pizza—not normally my go-to but it sounded so good and wow did it hit the spot. We were both extremely satisfied with our dinners, and mine was so big I got to take it with me for another meal! Then we left the restaurant and went to the bus station. I’m writing this on the bus to Annecy, so I’ll have to report on that tomorrow. For now, I’m so happy with this day and so glad we decided to do it even though we knew we’d be tired and feel gross and would struggle carrying our luggage everywhere. It was actually a wonderful day filled with lots of little enjoyed moments and amazing views. I’m not too tired, not too uncomfortable, I’m perfectly content with our day and I hope we continue to have this kind of outlook on the rest of our trips. It’s all about enjoying the little moments and letting life happen.

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