Most of today consisted of planning, writing, and resting because it’s my only full day here before I’m off on the next adventure. I got through all of my classes, but I’ve been extremely tired all day. After lunch I took a nap, then got up to write for AIFS because I have a deadline of October 26th for two specific posts. After an hour, I left to teach my host mom’s granddaughter, and then I came right back to keep writing. I really want to finish both of these tonight, but I might have to work on one tomorrow. One is a part of a contest about a cultural experience so I’m writing about Segovia and eating lunch on top of a Spanish castle. The other is about the importance of international study on a personal and global scale, so you can see why it’s taking me while to write them. Both are important to me, and I have a lot of thoughts that aren’t very easy to put into words, but I’m trying. I’ll link the posts here when/if they’re published.

Tomorrow evening my roommate and I are leaving to spend another night in the airport before flying to Geneva, Switzerland on Thursday morning. I’m exhausted already so I’m really trying to get some extra rest tonight to prepare. The cool thing is that we land pretty early in Geneva, so we actually plan on spending a day there before taking a bus down to Annecy, France where we’ll spend the rest of the weekend. On Friday I want to explore Annecy, but I think Saturday is going to be a relaxing day to do some studying for a midterm next week and to get work done on my teaching certification exam. At least I’ll be doing it with a beautiful backdrop of mountains and a lake, and it shouldn’t take the whole day. We’ll even have some time on Sunday to explore more before flying back to Spain. I’m trying to balance being a student abroad and enjoying these awesome opportunities while I can. I think I’m doing an okay job so far!

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