Wow where do I start. So I got to sleep an hour later than I planned to which was perfect because 1) I needed it and 2) things open pretty late here so it worked out well. I went to breakfast at a bicycle friendly cafe with a very cozy atmosphere and one of those menus where you want to order everything. First I got a chai latte (one of the best I’ve had) and an açaí bowl with lots of fruit, granola, coconut, and a little bit of peanut butter!!! I’ve been craving peanut butter since Prague. Then I had water and a traditional Swedish cinnamon roll because I’d read that they were really good, and I agree. Then I decided to go shopping for my coat because the main areas for shopping are also some of the main areas people recommend seeing in the city. I usually hate malls but I actually didn’t here, it was fun to shop around and I met “my equivalent of a Swedish man” at one of the stores. Those were his words because we had a ton of things in common, but he was really nice to talk to and so were some of the other employees from that store. I bought a very warm coat from there that feels like a soft, cute comforter and I love it. It was also on sale so, score!! Then I went to another store and found some shoes on sale which I’ve also been looking for so I got them. I meant to take pictures for blog purposes but I forgot. I still had several hours to kill before my concert so I decided to check out old town Stockholm which was actually very close to where I was. I only took the public transportation once today. Old town and the more current Stockholm are really cool, but I honestly think one of the best parts of this trip is just getting to walk around the city. It isn’t about getting to a certain place or thing to see, it’s just been amazing to enjoy every second of it. Old town was cool, I saw the palace but it was being worked on, and I saw some other things that I’m not sure what they were because I was just walking around without a plan, but they were still really cool to see. Eventually I decided I should eat some food and I wanted to try Swedish meatballs. It took me forever to decide which place to go to, but I picked one and got that plus a double chocolate cake for birthday dessert. At this point, I mixed up the times in my head so I got back to the concert venue way earlier than I needed to be, so I decided to walk around in the needed area again, find a Swedish market, and call my parents. After I talked to them it was finally concert time. I can’t even describe how incredible it was. The music was incredible, the main artist seemed so in to what he was doing and he reminded me of the way my friends look when they play their music, and there was just a really good vibe throughout the venue. Anomalie’s music is pretty unique and it was cool to be in a room with a bunch of people who seriously enjoy it. After the concert he told us that we could stick around to talk to him, so I waited to meet him and tell him I came to Stockholm just to see that concert but he took a long time to come out and some rude people pushed in front of me, so they were shutting down the venue before I got to see him. Luckily I met some guys while I was waiting and they were really cool, and even though everyone else left and the band was packing up, one of them went out of their way to get the artist’s attention and tell him it was my birthday. We all got to meet him and chat for a while until a security guard told us they had to clear the place out. It was really awesome. I can’t believe how many awesome people I’ve gotten to meet on this trip. Traveling alone can be lonely sometimes, but it’s also so much cooler when you actually get to meet people, and it’s a little bit easier to make that happen. I can, without a single doubt, say that this has been the best birthday of my life. I walked the full forty minutes back to the hostel after the concert and as I crossed a bridge over the river I just thought, “wow, this trip is an actual dream.” I’m so happy and so glad I decided to do this trip even though it was short. Stockholm is beautiful and a city I definitely want to come back to someday. Thanks for a wonderful birthday.

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