My theme for today is nice spaces because that is actually what my day was full of! I spent time in the living room this morning which I actually never do. On most days I’m the first one up in the apartment, and sometimes I leave before anyone is awake so I have to spend my mornings being very quiet. I think for a while I let this get in my way of actually enjoying the morning so today I decided to get up earlier and make the living room my own. It’s nice because the living room is decorated with fun colors and patterns, has a new plant that makes me happy, and has a balcony open to outside. Getting to turn lights on and have some time alone made me not feel bad for being awake and let me feel some ownership of this space. It was a great way to start my day, and I definitely want to keep it up.

On Thursdays I have a break in between classes so I spent the first hour at the coffee shop my Spanish friend told me about yesterday. It was a little uncomfortable, but in the good kind of way where it’s just new and something to get used to. I loved the atmosphere, the window wall, the random, cozy seating, and I think it could be a fun place to take friends to. I didn’t pay for wifi there; I spent that hour reading my book, sipping coffee, and eating a delicious chocolate muffin.img_2936img_2934img_2933For my second hour of break, I walked to my favorite bridge by the river and decided to walk some trails I saw underneath it. The trails were very short and therefore disappointing, but I still saw a small part of the river and some beautiful fall leaves. I noticed an area on the other side where I can walk closer to the river, so I’ll try that when I have more time. Still, it was a gorgeous morning walk with a lovely, cool breeze by the bridge.img_2950img_2952img_2942img_2954img_2947On my way back to the school, I was mesmerized by a musician playing in the street. I love when people do that here because the music always just seems to set the mood of how different and beautiful this place is.

I got back to the school a few minutes early and spent a little time out on the upstairs part of the courtyard. It was so nice that I wanted to sit up there with a cup of coffee like it was my own deck.img_2968After lunch I went on a mission to find a nice stationary store because my pens have disappeared and I kind of (really) love stationary. Okay y’all, my friend lead me to the BEST stationary store I have ever seen. Everything in it was so unique and cool and fun, and I wanted to buy everything there. Unfortunately everything was really expensive, so I left to find one that I could afford. I didn’t think to take pictures of it while I was there, but I’ll just have to go back because it was seriously a dream. It was also on the outside of the central part of the city and while I was walking I had a gorgeous view of the Salamanca hills just outside of the city. A picture wouldn’t have captured it well enough, but that’s one of my favorite things to look at in Spain.

On my hunt for a new stationary store, I got very lost in an area I know somewhat, but it was still very well-lit outside, there was a nice breeze, and I felt comfortable and happy listening to music and suspecting that I would stumble upon something tucked away and wonderful. Well, I did. First I found a new stationary store on the way to the one I was trying to find. It wasn’t from my dreams, but it had pens and folders and did the job. Then, following the view of the hills on the way home, I stumbled upon “The Coffee Corner,” a small, adorable cafe with a TON of things I want to try. I got a smoothie for the road and headed home, but I want to go back there again very soon. My birthday’s coming up, so I might just have to treat myself.

That’s it for now; I didn’t take pictures of the last few places, but if I return then I will. Today was really nice and even though I did so much, it still feels really long and like I didn’t do very much. Nevertheless, I’m glad I decided to make my focus just enjoying myself. It made today really great.



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