Drinking a bottle of water before breakfast is my new favorite thing. I did it again today I felt significantly more awake and good in class today. I’m also learning to listen to my body/brain more and that’s a wonderful feeling too. Basically, I’m becoming more aware of myself on an emotional and physical level and that makes me really happy. (:

Side note, the picture for this post isn’t from today because I FINALLY FINISHED Anna Karenina, but I like it and it fits the theme of things that make me happy, while giving a little taste of Salamanca streets.

Anyway, after lunch my roommate and I went to a cafe and I ordered green tea with mint while we worked on booking more trips. In November, I’m spending one weekend in Heidelberg, Germany where my family lived when my dad was a kid (I can’t WAIT). One weekend in November is my trip to Morocco. Then, at the end of the month my roommate and I are going to Ireland!

Tomorrow our program is taking us to Zamora and Toro Winery and on Sunday to Segovia, all places in Spain. The next weekend my roommate’s friend is coming to town and when she leaves my roommate and I are spending the next day hiking somewhere near Salamanca. For my birthday weekend I’ll be in Stockholm, Sweden celebrating by seeing an amazing artist at the Stockholm Jazz Festival. I’m still working on planning something for the last weekend in October, but I’m waiting to hear back from some people in the program.

That’s about it for my trips this semester! I still have about two other weekends I’ll be spending in Salamanca, so I won’t be missing it every weekend. I’m so excited for all of these places; I can’t wait to get out there and see more of this world!

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