I’m twenty-nine days in and I’ve finally felt like I hit my introvert limit.

For most of the day, I didn’t feel this way. I went to class, then had a two hour break where I went to a few stores with my roommate, then went to class again. I switched to a more difficult level of Spanish for my lengua class, and I’m so glad. There’s just enough of a challenge to make me feel like I’m being pushed without being overwhelmed. Then I went home for lunch. Instead of napping today (because we both felt kind of bad about wasting our day yesterday), my roommate and I met up with another girl from the program at our usual cafe and did homework/planned more trips. I’m still not sure where I’m going next, but I’ll know soon. Today I mostly tried to research prices and the best places to do the things I want to do, but more on that another time.

After that, my roommate and I walked around a did a little more shopping/exploring the cute little stores all over the city. One of my favorite things to do is look around at small, interesting shops in different places. I’ve always loved it, and I think it helps me learn more about the city. Plus, we’re still on the hunt for anything that will make our room a little more homey and good books that would be fun to read in Spanish (if you have any suggestions, leave a comment!).

We weren’t out for very long, but for some reason when we got back I was exhausted. I had planned to go out tonight to see a free concert or a theatre performance, but when we got back I wanted nothing more than to have a cozy night at home. We had dinner and for the first time since being here I just felt like I could not handle anymore conversation or interaction with other humans, to the point where I almost wanted to run away from the table—not because anyone did anything wrong but because my introversion suddenly kicked into high gear. Although, based on how today went and the fact that we’ve been comfortably living in the same room for a month now, I think my roommate is one of the rare people who don’t make me feel exhausted or overwhelmed at times like this, which, if you know anything about how introversion can feel, is huge. Score.

She went out and so did our host mom, so now I have the evening to myself. I haven’t been this excited for a night in in so long. I didn’t realize how much I needed it, but with all of the travel and talking to so many people and being constantly busy and sick, I think a night of comfort and rest is exactly what my body and brain want. So, I did some relaxing yoga, read and researched cool places to visit, and now I’m going to watch a bit of Avatar: the Last Airbender (side note: Netflix is better here and satisfies all of my nerdy needs like Avatar, Vikings, La La Land, Pride and Prejudice, and more shows and movies from a vast array of genres) before I go to bed. Now I can’t wait to get on with my evening alone, so, until tomorrow.

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