1. Was today a good or a bad day? Why? Well, it certainly wasn’t a bad day, but I should’ve done more with my time to make it better. I had a good class and met a nice girl from Hong Kong, but after that I went to the doctor. More on that below. Then I slept for a lot of the day and spent the evening writing posts for the official AIFS blog. It wasn’t a totally unproductive day, but I still think I could’ve done more with my time. Tomorrow I have plans to do more.
  2. What was something new I tried? We had a new soup at lunch that I loved and a new dessert that I did not like, but also tried a bunch of new experiences today. I mentioned that I’m sick, so today I went to the doctor here with someone who speaks fluent Spanish. It was a very different experience. First, we had to stop at a store to buy something for the doctor to use for tests instead of getting it there. Then, we waited at the doctor’s office for a long time, and when we were finally called in he asked me questions about my symptoms. I was a little annoyed because he was trying to tell me that my throat hurts from keeping my mouth open when I sleep, and I don’t think he believed me when I said that’s not what this is. Either way, he gave me a prescription for some medicine with codeine to stop the pain in my throat, which was new to me. Then we took a receipt from the doctor and had to walk to another room where women at different desks dealt with questions and insurance (I think). From there, we went to a different hallway to do a lab test, and then left with the prescriptions from the doctor to go to the pharmacy. I got antibiotics and the other medicine I already mentioned, and all of that added up to less than twenty euros. Later in the day, after I passed out from codeine and too many gummy bears, I tried going to a new market right next to the apartment for tissues and throat drops, which was a small victory because I debated going to the market farther away that I was comfortable with. I’m glad I checked out the one near home though because I really like it and it’s very convenient!
  3. The high: Honestly, getting medicine and other things related to being sick like tissues and cough drops was probably the highlight of today. I just really want to get better, and I’m glad I can actually do something to work toward that now. I’m also glad I finally wrote some posts for AIFS. I think it’ll be fun to play with different kinds of writing for those posts. I’ll share links or entire posts once they’re edited!
  4. The low: My experience at the doctor today wasn’t very good, though I think most of that had to do with the language barrier and not really liking the person who took me. Other than that, I’m just kind of bummed that I didn’t go out and do anything else with my time.
  5. Quote/word of the day: When I met the girl from Hong Kong, she said that one attribute of her character is that she is espontánea, or spontaneous. I hadn’t heard that word used in Spanish before.

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