You know how sometimes things happen and it just feels like you’re on the right path? Today has been one big blanket of that feeling.

I got up this morning to take my second placement test and I scored exactly where I’d like to be. After that, I went shopping for a few things and then my roommate and I went home and reorganized our whole room, which felt amazing. We’re on a mission to make it feel more like home to us. Then while she had class today, I walked around the city and looked for shops where I could buy a stuffed animal to sleep with since I left my bear at home (yes, I’m almost twenty two and I still like to sleep with a bear). It was a part of making the place feel more homey. I found a frog which is special to Salamanca, and on my way back I stopped in the AIFS office to ask our director a question. We ended up talking for two to three hours; it was SUCH a great conversation and so needed. We got excited talking about all kinds of books and views on life. She gave me lots of great recommendations to add to my new bookshelf (also part of making it feel like home), but the best part of our conversation was when we talked about beauty and attitudes toward life and what’s important in a person. She helped affirm so many things I think that I don’t always feel I have a role model for. She even helped define and put words to some thoughts that have been floating around my head for a while that I wasn’t sure how to express. She’s just a wonderful example of a strong, confident woman who, to me, values things that are genuinely important like health, happiness, and the substance of a person. It was so nice to talk to her, it didn’t even feel like hours. Then we walked to a meeting at an English school in the city where I signed up to volunteer in students’ English classes and help them learn. I get to go two times a week and I’ll likely be helping at elementary ages. I’m SO excited for that. And then, when I got home I walked in to our host mom’s daughter asking if I could help her daughter once a week to learn English, and she offered to pay! I would’ve said yes without that, but that’s a nice bonus. I’m honestly just excited to spend more time with her daughter. She joins us for lunch sometimes and she’s very sweet.

Overall, a lot of little things happened today that affirmed or set into place lots of things that make me happy or lead to what I want to do. I’m very excited for life in this amazing city, and I hope I make the most of it.

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