Today was a very rough travel day starting at 6am with a walk through cold rain to the train station and then lots of delays and mistakes for over ten hours. It’s okay because it’s all a learning experience and it was nothing other than inconvenient (and it was our fault for not being more prepared), but now I am exhausted and sick and so happy that I just got to eat a real meal with my host mom again.

Honestly, I could keep traveling like I have been this week for a while. I’m in no way burnt out. I think that this one week of constant travel has already taught me a lot and helped me become more confident in who I am and in my reality. It’s also giving me a different perspective on Spain because I’ve seen how some other countries function as well, specifically countries where a lot of people don’t speak English and I know zero of their language. I’m having a difficult time expanding on thoughts right now because my head hurts so bad, but I’ll try to when I can think more clearly. Basically I have a new way of looking at my experience here because I’ve now felt what it’s like to be a real outsider/tourist in other countries.

I also have more of an idea of the other weekend trips I want to take while I’m here and how I want to go about them. I’m going to look at planning those soon, so I’ll post updates when I know. However, this week I start my actual classes so I won’t be going anywhere for a while. I’m really excited for classes to start and to have my schedule each day and be able to work around it. I’m also excited to learn more about this place and to make the most of my time here. As tiring as today was, when we rode through the Spanish countryside at sunset on the bus, I got so excited all over again about the fact that I actually get to live and learn here. No amount of sickness or exhaustion can take that away.

****Very important note, the best part of today was that I got to try a real kinder egg!!! My dad has talked about these for years because he lived in Germany when he was a kid. I didn’t think I was going to get to try one, but fate brought one too me just before we left for Spain. You can see my excitement here:

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