I think it is safe to say, as my wonderful grandmother would, that I have officially been bitten by the travel bug. That’s probably no surprise to anyone reading this, but I knew there was always a chance that I would try this and not like it as much as I thought I would. But boy is that as far as possible from the truth. I’ve barely even seen that much and I already want to try traveling to all sorts of different places, not just the most popular ones. I think it’s because I’m so amazed by how many different and beautiful things there are in the world, I don’t want to stop seeing and experiencing it all. I don’t want to stay in “normal” life or think that the ways I’m used to are all there is – because that isn’t true. At all. I want to see all of the different ways people live and all of the diversity throughout the world. I want to be faced with different challenges and adventures in all sorts of atmospheres.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved to wander and explore new places. I’ve never been satisfied with just being in one place and not finding anything new about it. I know you don’t have to go across the world to “travel,” but I think I can confirm that I want to. This feeling of freedom is incredible, and I am so so small in comparison with the rest of the world. I want to see and learn new things and have the walls of my mind stretched and torn down. Life is endless possibilities. People are beautifully complex. Nothing makes sense and it doesn’t need to. I am free and I am so so happy.

And how beautiful is it that travel and writing go hand in hand so well? Travel makes you think, makes you ponder, gives you new ideas and fresh inspiration, and in my case, traveling alone makes me want to express my thoughts in some way. This is the match made by fate I’ve been hoping for. My true love, a bus at sunrise, a good book, and something to capture my thoughts.

//This is something I wrote on my bus ride to the airport this morning. It’s so true and I really enjoy traveling alone. Czech Republic is an incredible country, and much different than I was expecting, mostly with currency and language. Luckily I met two people while traveling to the Airbnb who were very nice and helped me learn how the public transportation system works here. Our Airbnb is adorable. When my roommate and friend got here a little later we went to dinner at Cafe Louvre which was lovely, and our waiter helped us learn a few phrases in the language. Now we’re planning out our day for tomorrow. More pictures and stories about Prague then. 🙂

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