Exciting news: I have one week of break before my new classes start! So, bright and early tomorrow morning, I’m getting on a bus to the Madrid airport and heading out for new adventures. Since today I’ve mostly been planning and getting ready, I thought I’d lay out my plans for the next few days.

First, I’m flying from Madrid to Prague where I’ll meet up with my roommate and another girl from our program. We’ll spend the next day sightseeing in Prague. Then the next day, I’m leaving them to travel to Vienna, Austria.

I’m excited for Vienna because of everything I’ve heard about how beautiful and historic it is, but I’m also excited to experience some solo travel. I think it’ll be good for me.

After a day or so of sightseeing in Vienna, I’m heading to Germany to meet back up with more people from our program. We’ll be there for two full days and we’re going to visit a concentration camp for one of them and Oktoberfest during another. Then we’ll head back to Madrid and back home to Salamanca.

I can’t wait to get out and see even more amazing things and to learn more about what its like to travel in Europe. If you have any recommendations of things I should see or do in any of these places, let me know in the comments! More pictures and stories soon. (For now, enjoy a picture of an art piece I found the other day.)

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