1. Was today a good or a bad day? Why? It was a good day, but mostly because it wasn’t a bad day. I feel like all I have done is study and work on homework because our first finals are tomorrow, but I still went to our cafe down the road and enjoyed a chai latte while getting things done, was productive throughout the day, and had a nice time at my new home.
  2. What was something new I tried? Our host mom made a big lunch today and invited friends over to eat with us, so I tried some type of ribs and what I think were figs though I’m not really sure. I wasn’t a huge fan of the figs, but it was fun trying to figure out what they were in English and Spanish.
  3. The high: I love any chance to get out, so going to the cafe again today was nice, although we met some other Americans there and were not nearly as productive there as we planned. The other high point was dinner because our host mom made us spaghetti (above is a picture of yesterday’s dinner: delicious as usual), and it was a wonderful mass of carbs to help us power through the rest of our homework. I’m definitely gaining weight on this trip, but I’m not upset about it. Everything our host mom makes is tasty, and I feel happy after pretty much every meal.
  4. The low: For some reason my plan to go to bed early last night failed, and I woke up almost every hour. That made for a very hard time in class today. I literally fell asleep writing “don’t pass out” in my notes.
  5. Quote/word of the day: For one of my finals I have to analyze two pieces of art and give a presentation about it in class. I’m studying “la maja desnuda” and “la maja vestida” by Goya. In my description, I learned the word “avergonzada” which means “embarrassed” or “ashamed.” If you look up the paintings, my argument was that the woman in them does not appear to be so, but is represented as purely herself, or purely human.

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