I’m trying to take better care of myself and my health, so today I rested a lot and am going to do more of that this week too. I’m starting to understand my host mom more and more, which is such a good feeling. She’s been going through some tough things lately, but I think it’s pulling us all closer together. My heart feels so full when she hugs or kisses us, and I told my roommate I really want a shirt with our host mom’s face on it because I just think she is an incredible woman.

We did a lot of homework and studying today which will also probably take up a lot of time for the next few days because we have exams early this week. But, we still managed to have some fun. The city is still celebrating for the next week, so today we took a bus to a nearby fair. Navigating the city can be tricky when you don’t speak the language well and don’t know the city, but luckily we had no problems finding the fair. We stayed long enough to ride one ride (I don’t think any of us are crazy about rides), try a chocolate churro type thing (I should’ve written down the name, but it was delicious), buy little bracelets, and take a lot of pictures and play with my camera, but it was a really neat experience! The ride we rode was really fun and a good amount of crazy, and I just loved the view from the top of the fair. It was a really beautiful perspective and the ride just made it even better. It was a beautiful reminder to make every day count for the sake of my health, adventure, and experience. There are so many beautiful and exciting things out there, and it’s as easy as and as walking out of the house to go and find them.


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