Today is really the second half of yesterday because I couldn’t really sleep on the plane. It’s been a nonstop attempt to overcome jet-lag, but the fact that I’m up writing this at 11:35pm and haven’t napped basically proves I’m over it. Honestly, only two things have helped me to get over jet-lag: being amazed by everything I see, and already making some pretty great friends.


On the car ride from the airport to our temporary dorms in London, I was the only AIFS student, so I spent the hour or so talking to the driver and gazing at everything through an open car window. The temperature was so low that I was actually chilly and my cheeks turned cold with the wind. I loved every second of seeing the new and old architecture blended together, admiring how good people’s dogs are, and wondering what all the signs mean that use the word “queue.” Then when I arrived at the dorms, I was instantly greeted and taken in by a small group of AIFS students who waited while I washed up and let me tag along to find lunch, or brunch.


We ate at a place called Giraffe and explored the city together. We saw the British Museum, and then stopped to sit and talk at this park right across from our rooms.


Here we are, dead tired, trying not to let each other fall asleep and laughing about how we just met but it already feels like we’ve known each other forever.


After a much needed shower, we all met back up to find a place for dinner and to stay out until a reasonable bedtime. The coolest thing was that throughout the day, our little group kept growing and more people kept finding their place and feeling included. It was a solid group of kind, caring, and fun-loving people that I am glad to say I met.


Sadly, not all of these people will end up in Salamanca with me. Some of them are going to Granada or Madrid, but it’s safe to say that none of us have to feel alone and that no matter where we go, we’ll always be able to make a friend.

Tomorrow we have a sightseeing tour of London and who knows what else. For now, I can finally sleep.

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