There are only six days left before I leave. I’m busy spending time with all the people I love and taking care of the trillion tiny little things that pop up before a trip like this. Today, I’m planning a fun day for my dog, Jedi, and me because he’s already giving me those heartbreaking pouts now that the suitcases are out. My feelings right now are pretty calm: enjoy right now, get things done, take care of yourself. I feel pretty confident in the whole thing, and I’m just excited to go. With less than a week left, I’m sure my feelings will change a million times, but more than anything, I am excited and I believe this is the absolute best thing I could be doing with my life for the next few months.

One last thing I want to establish here before I leave is how this is actually going to work so you all know what to expect from me. My goal is to write daily, however I know that’s not always going to be possible. So, when I can, I’ll write an actual post, but on days that are crazy or I’m just too tired, I’ll post a few basic questions and answer them for that day, that way nothing is missed and I can reasonably keep track of every single day. Sometimes it might be very short answers (like bullet point answers), but like I said, whenever I can I’ll elaborate with a real post. I’ll also try to include at least one picture each day. Here are the questions:

  1. Was it a good or bad day? Why?
  2. What was something new I tried?
  3. The high:
  4. The low:
  5. Quote/word of the day:

And remember, if there’s ever anything you want to hear about specifically, shoot me a message or comment and let me know! I want you all to get what you want from this too.

One last bit of excitement: if you haven’t already seen from my social media, I’ve been selected to be one of the official student bloggers for the AIFS program this semester (the program I’m studying abroad with)! That means content from me will be popping up in two places. If you want to check out their blog, it’s at  Some of my posts will end up over there once I actually get started, but it’s also just a cool blog to read with stories from students all over the world.

Alright, that’s it for now! The next time you hear from me I will probably be on a plane or in a different country. Woo!

2 replies on “What to Expect

  1. We are excited for you and can’t wait to see how things go for you. Want to hear about the people you will be staying with and what kinds of food you get!!


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