This is a list of what I want to get out of this trip and to do while I’m there. I think it’s important to consider these things, because I want to be aware of my mindset going into it and to have something to look at in case I ever forget it. This is kind of a private list, but for the sake of this being an open experience and a sort of travel diary I am sharing this here too. I may edit or add to it at some point, but for now I want:

  • to experience everything I possibly can (while still taking care of myself obviously)
  • to learn the language and as many other things as possible so that I can use the knowledge and experiences for people’s benefit in the future
  • to have an open heart and mind with the people I meet and share what I can with them
  • to go to and hike the mountains near Salamanca
  • to give and share as much as I can with all of the people who love me enough to send me away
  • to give and share as much as I can with the people who will be taking care of me/allowing me to stay with them there
  • to be helpful and considerate while I am there rather than using and disregarding the country or its people
  • to write daily and be mindful of how I’m spending my time/mental energy
  • to challenge myself to do things differently
  • to try something new as often as possible (at least one thing a day)
  • to take some weekend trips to other places since travel is cheaper and there is so much to see
  • to keep a list of every city I go to with something special about each one
  • to keep a list of the cool things I try/experiences I have like a reverse bucket list
  • to take lots of pictures for documenting and to share with readers
  • to help take care of the people traveling with me – to look out for their safety and well-being and to be a travel/adventure/spontaneity buddy when needed (because I know what it’s like not to have one of those when you want it and it isn’t fun)
  • to take in as much as I can and let myself LIVE

This trip is for me, but I can’t do it right without thinking of other people too. I’m not there to be a freeloader or to take advantage of another place or other people. What I gain there, I want to use for others’ benefit as well as my own, be it through teaching, communicating with others, encouraging people to follow their dreams, or whatever way it applies to life in general. Whatever I can give back to those who are sending me over there with love and to those who will take care of me and allow me to be there I want to give. There are too many people to thank for this opportunity, and I am extremely thankful and honored by that and by what I get to experience. I hope to be used for good in whatever ways I can, and I hope that I learn so much and have the time of my life filling up on all kinds of human experiences.

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